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Our technical expertise and experienced management, combined with that of our co-investors, will help us to achieve a rapid payback on our invested capital, acquiring and executing development and high-reward exploration programs, leading towards substantial hydrocarbon production.

Mechanical Engineering

This role supports a variety of mechanical systems including reactor internal design

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Sanitary & Plumbing

Utilities (water, electricity and gas) are essential services that play a vital role in economic

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Oil & Gas Production

Dacon Oil and Gas Company has more than 6,000 kilometres of pipelines and flowline

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Pharmaceutical Research

Dacon Oil and Gas Company main aim is to publish the peer review articles in the field

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Power And Energy

The world’s energy system is changing. Dacon Oil and Gas Company is investing in more lower-carbon.

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Electrical & Power

Dacon Oil and Gas Company expertise in mechanical and electrical design

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Driving the National Economy and Addressing the energy Demand. Dacon Oil and Gas Company is one of America's largest state Oil & Gas company with a presence in every area of the Oil.

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