Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmaceutical Research

Dacon Oil and Gas Company main aim is to publish the peer review articles in the field of analytical and pharmaceutical sciences by enlightening the people about latest trends in pharmaceuticals. Main scope of journal is very broad which is engaged in preformulation studies, stability and degradation of bulk drugs, method development and validation,.

The significant fields such

  • 1 Pharmaceutical Technology
  • 2 Analytical Chemistry
  • 3 Computational chemistry
  • 4 Molecular Drug Design
  • 5 Biopharmaceutics, biodistribution of molecules
  • 6 Pharmacognosy

Dacon Oil and Gas Company pleasurably welcomes research papers, review articles, short communications, mini-reviews, opinions, letter to editors, etc.

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Radiopharmaceuticals are compounds that have a radionuclide and may be gamma-radiation emitter (γ) or positrons emitter (β+), linked to a molecule with specific diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The progress in the use of radiopharmaceuticals has culminated to a sector in common with other types of drugs: regulation and surveillance.

However, only in 2003 the Unit of Pharmacovigilance disclosed information pertinent to the leaflet of radiopharmaceuticals and the paramount importance of informational reports for the renewal of medicines. After the designated Management Pharmacovigilance, in 2007, there were Resolutions to standardize and assist this whole process, which today, is indispensable to any holder of record of medication as provided in RDC nº 4 of February 10, 2009

Thus, there was a rupture in the monopoly of production, marketing and use of radioisotopes of short half-life, for medical, agricultural and industrial in Brazil, designed by Constitutional Amendment 49 (Santos-Oliveira, Carneiro, Leão, 2008). Originate from the Proposed Constitutional Amendment 199/03, which removes the Union's the monopoly of manipulation of radioisotopes with short half-life, Constitutional Amendment 49 facilitated the creation of new nuclear medicine centers that offer the service of tomography to the population.

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