Mechanical Engineering


This role supports a variety of mechanical systems including reactor internal design, project support, and support to mechanical designs associated with a variety of process equipment, storage tanks, etc. Provide project and technical support to operations and maintenance. This includes equipment testing, “troubleshooting”, routine equipment surveillance, startup activities, training, and developing permanent solutions to equipment and system problems

Job scope: Mechanical Static

  • 1 Routine Equipment Surveillance
  • 2 Startup Activities
  • 3 Equipment Specifications
  • 4 Operating Procedures

Develop cost estimates, evaluate equipment, review bids, perform economic analysis, and make recommendations on selection of equipment. Collect field data in refinery as needed to support personal quality engineering work.Be personally responsible for safety, accuracy and thoroughness of work performed.

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Manage personal work time to keep assigned jobs on schedule to meet expected completion dates. Analyze and survey refinery equipment and systems to find new opportunities to improve operating efficiency, reliability, and profitability

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We use proven and innovative technologies to safely and responsibly access and produce oil and natural gas in a wide range of different geologic settings

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We leverage technologies where they can create the most value for our operations and allow us to operate with great stability and enable us to optimize production

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Our corporate strategy addresses the fundamentals that we must have in place to manage our risks and help us deliver our strategy and a significant valuable spin-off for our investors.

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Worldwide Delivery. Product Support. Engineering & Production. Fast Responding 24/7. Dacon Oil and Gas Company and manufactures a full range equipment.

Keep your working area neat and well organized; keep the floor clean of oil spills and metal chips. Clean off your machine when finished and return all tooling,Although mechanical engineers encounter hazardous chemicals less frequently than other potential dangers, they still must take safety precautions to avoid

Mechanical engineers are uniquely positioned to advance artificial intelligence and machine learning research. We operate at the intersection of hardware

Dacon Oil and Gas Company Mechanical Engineering students typically specialize in one of five areas: Fluid Mechanics, Machine Design and Solid Mechanics, Materials Engineering and Processing, Automation and Control, or Thermal Engineering

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